Finally! The next version of Soldat is ready: Soldat 1.6.8!

Most of the changes in this version are fixes but there is more!
If you prefer not to see some notifications ingame you can modify your translation by leaving the line empty.
Some of you probably know that you could auto-complete nicknames at the start of the line with Tab key.
In this version we added support for nickname Tab completion anywhere in the chat line. In addition to that you can now cycle through nicknames which start with the same combination of letters, or even without typing anything by just pressing Tab!
We also have something for those who record Soldat videos: non-shaking freecam when heavy weapons are fired.
Lots of scriptcore related fixes for our admins and scripters!

I'd like to thank the whole Dev Team for making this version possible. Big thanks go to ExHunter and skoskav for their help!

In case you are looking for the new default Soldat mod - it has been delayed and will arrive in a Soldat release after this one.
If you prefer it to the current mod or want to help us make it better - take a look in the Feedback on the new default weapon graphics thread.

You can find the download links at the end of this post.

The changelogs:

Soldat 1.6.8 changelog:
- Modified command /votemap to show the message "cannot vote" when applicable
- Modified vote results to happen immediately if the required percentage is achieved
- Modified voice taunt menu key to also hide the menu
- Modified translations to not print empty lines in the chat console
- Modified freecam to not have the camera shake when heavy weapons are fired
- Modified the chat's nickname Tab-completion to cycle through names
- Modified the chat's nickname Tab-completion can be used without even typing anything, or with a substring in the middle of the nick
- Fixed health bar shows empty if health health exceeds limit #491
- Fixed ban on bots in singleplayer mode should return a kick message
- Fixed chat message displayed above the wrong player #417
- Fixed Player ID for team 0 displayed incorrectly #205
- Fixed the chat's nickname Tab-completion can complete a nickname mid-sentence
- Fixed knife colliding against position where someone had died #390
- Fixed some keys couldn't be assigned to the scroll wheel
- Fixed asymmetry in walking down slopes depending on facing direction and movement direction
- Fixed the character vibrating when standing still on flat polygons, which would trigger MovementAcc
- Fixed previous song playback on start being out of bounds
- Fixed the LAW's startup delay to be a bit less unreliable
- Fixed scoreboard not shown at the end of a demo playback when the map changed
- Fixed freecam key could be held down to make the cursor jerky
- Fixed rolling to quicker and less awkwardly transition into crouching
- Fixed throwing the flag could be difficult when close to polygons #166
- Fixed some possible memory leaks
- Fixed unable to get a ban reason in case of HWID ban #143
- Fixed server's possible cheating vote kicks no longer permanently ban players #246
- Fixed vote kick turning into a permanent ban #478
- Fixed kicking player when vote percentage is above 100% #522
- Fixed vote exploitable by leaving the game #204

Soldatserver 2.7.8 changelog:
- Added SC3 function StrToDateTime(const S: string): TDateTime;
- Added SC3 event TGame.OnTCPCommand(Ip: string; Port: Word; Command: string): Boolean;
- Added SC3 event TActivePlayer.OnKitPickup(Player: TActivePlayer; Kit: TActiveMapObject)
- Added SC3 event TActivePlayer.OnFlagDrop(Player: TActivePlayer; Flag: TActiveFlag; Team: Byte; Thrown: Boolean)
- Added SC3 procedure TActivePlayer.WorldText(Layer: Byte; Text: string; Delay: Integer; Color: Longint; Scale, X, Y: Single)
- Added SC3 procedure TPlayers.WorldText(Layer: Byte; Text: string; Delay: Integer; Color: Longint; Scale, X, Y: Single)
- Added SC3 procedure TGame.TOnAdminConnect(Ip: string; Port: Word)
- Added SC3 procedure TGame.TOnAdminDisconnect(Ip: string; Port: Word)
- Added SC3 procedure TActivePlayer.SetVelocity(VelX, VelY: Single)
- Added SC3 function TGame.TOnAdminCommand(Player: TActivePlayer; Command: string): boolean
- Added SC3 function TGame.TOnTCPMessage(Ip: string; Port: Word; Text: string): boolean
- Added SC3 function TMap.CreateBulletVector(A, B: TVector; HitM: Single; sStyle: Byte; Owner: TActivePlayer): Integer
- Added SC3 function TMap.CreateBullet(X, Y, VelX, VelY, HitM_ Single; sStyle: Byte; Owner: TActivePlayer): Integer
- Added SC3 function Distance(X1, X2, Y1, Y2: Single): Single
- Added SC3 property TActivePlayer.IsAdmin (read write - Boolean)
- Added SC3 property TGame.CurrentMap (read only - string)
- Added SC3 class TMapsList (accessible over global variable "Game.MapsList")
- Added SC3 procedure TMapsList.AddMap(Name: string)
- Added SC3 procedure TMapsList.RemoveMap(Name: string)
- Added SC3 function TMapsList.GetMapIdByName(Name: string): Integer
- Added SC3 property TMapsList.Map (read only - array of string)
- Added SC3 property TMapsList.CurrentMapId (read write - Integer)
- Added SC3 property TMapsList.MapsCount (read only - Integer)
- Added SC3 class TGlobal (accessible over global variable "Global")
- Added SC3 property TGlobal.DateSeparator (read write - string)
- Added SC3 property TGlobal.ShortDateFormat (read write - string)
- Added SC3 class TActiveMapBullet (accessible over global Byte array "Map.Bullets")
- Added SC3 function TActiveMapBullet.GetOwnerWeaponId: Integer
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.ID (read only - Byte)
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.Active (read only - Boolean)
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.X (read only - Single)
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.Y (read only - Single)
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.VelX (read only - Single)
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.VelY (read only - Single)
- Modified SC3 type TOnKillEvent declaration to procedure(Killer, Victim: TActivePlayer; BulletID: Byte)
- Modified SC3 type TOnTCPMessageEvent declaration to procedure(Ip: string; Port: Word; Message: string)
- Modified request game log line from "IP:PORT requesting game..." to "IP:PORT|HWID requesting game..."
- Modified SC3 procedure name TActivePlayer.Forward altered to TActivePlayer.ForwardTo
- Modified SC3 type TOnRequestEvent declaration to function(Ip, Hw: string; Port: Word; State: Byte; Forwarded: Boolean; Password: string): Integer
- Modified SC3 type TOnDamageEvent declaration to function(Shooter, Victim: TActivePlayer; Damage: Integer; Bullet: TActiveMapBullet): Integer
- Fixed DrawText result does not hide after server change #562
- Fixed TOnWeaponChangeEvent does not hold valueable data #582
- Fixed TActiveObject's Style is 0 (Flags) #584
- Fixed TPlayer.OnFlagDrop Flag.ID can't be accessed or duplicates #585
- Fixed Player.Alive := FALSE deals damage (doesn't always kill) #586
- Fixed MovePlayer causes players to drop weapons and flags randomly #142
- Fixed MovePlayer randomly kills and respawns player #247
- Fixed Server refuses client if MovePlayer is used on connection #587
- Fixed SC3 TMapObject.Style results to be the same as in wiki
- Fixed SC3 using Game.OnRequest crashes server
- Fixed SC3 Variable Game.VotePercent is always set up on 0 #532
- Fixed SC3 Player.Ban always bans for 0 minutes #576
- Fixed OnVoteMap/OnVoteMapStart events are not working as intended #550
- Fixed SC3 - OnWeaponChange does not provide changed weapon information #577
- Fixed SC3 - TPlayer.OnKill/TPlayer.OnDamage - WeaponType is unpredictable #356
- Fixed TActivePlayer.BigText with layer 0 causes WriteConsole behaviour #400
- Fixed SC3 StrToDate doesn't work as intended #401
- Fixed /recompile $lt;script> hangs up admin client #578
- Fixed SC3 Strange RayCast values when walking "into" the wall #395
- Fixed DELMAP crashes server #410
- Fixed command delmap to also check for first map on mapslist
- Fixed SC3 some server crashes after unhandled exception
- Fixed SC3 some function results could be ignored in some cases

Normal mode weapon changes:

Deagles      fireinterval +1
HK MP5       push +1
Steyr        push +1
Spas         push +1
M79          push +30
Minigun      dmg -1
Socom        dmg +1
LAW          push +20

Realistic mode weapon changes:

HK MP5       spread +1
Ruger        dmg +2

Map changes:

Soldat 1.6.8 Full
Soldat 1.6.8 Patch (for 1.6.7 only)

Server 2.7.8 Full
Server 2.7.8 Patch (for 2.7.7 only)

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